Little Man/Ginger Boy

In the past few days I have been adopted by a ginger and white kitty. He’s a tiny little guy with a big voice. He likes to talk. And talk. And talk. Even in his sleep he meows if the other cats meow outside the window.

When Chandri and Ganesha took a long weekend off  to visit her family a couple of weeks ago, I began putting milk out for the kitties. Little Man was always at the door mewing in the most demanding way. Perhaps as the boldest and loudest of the kitties, he had become their spokesman.

Chandri brings fresh milk every day for me to feed the kitties. Perhaps because I was so well-trained by Junebug, and I acknowledge that cats rule the world (or the house at least), I began to  hop to when Little Man demanded  more milk or curds (yogurt).

All the cats here are quite skittish, as was my Little Man until a few days ago when he decided to become a house cat. Having spent the past couple of weeks feeding him and talking to him, he began to relax a bit around me. Then he began making little forays into the house. Now he rules the house like a little prince. He demands food, petting, a comfortable bed, and door service.

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