Sunkadhakarte (9/13)

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On Monday afternoon I ventured into the village of Sunkadhakarte in search of an ATM and to pick up a few groceries at Reliance. No luck with the ATM–the first was out-of-order, the second recognized me, but wouldn’t give me money, and the third ran out of money as I waited in line. Better luck at Reliance, the only store where I’ve been able to find soy milk.

I spent a pleasant hour or so poking into shops, found a gym I’m thinking about checking out as Sunkadhakarte isn’t far from Bapagrama, and found a beautiful rosy red refrigerator that I’m considering for the stone house (if the work ever gets finished on it!).

I hopped on a #240 bus heading back to Machohalli Gate. I asked to be let off at Forest Gate, but a woman who spoke only a few words of English said, “No, no,” and pushed me back into my seat. Okay, I thought, I’ll go to Machohalli Gate although the walk is a bit longer. When we approached Machohalli Gate, both the driver and the woman said, “No, no,” again and indicated that I should sit down. I did as I was told and was surprised when the bus turned at Puja Hospital, heading toward Bapagrama. I had never taken a 240 before so didn’t know that it  would turn. The bus driver stopped the bus at the turn-off to Colony and let me out.

continued–A walk through Machohalli Colony


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