Dispensary Road

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Maeve and I seem to end up on Dispensary Road and Brigade Road frequently. Amma’s tailor is on Dispensary (the same tailor who donates all his fabric scraps to us). There are other tailors and fabric shops on the street. I’m sure you can imagine my delight in a street where all the shops sell gorgeous fabrics! In Bangalore, like businesses are often grouped together. One street stands out in my mind–shop after shop selling motorcycle helmets. It makes comparison shopping easy.

Also on Dispensary is my favorite shop for fancy evening wear–not that I have occasion to shop there, though Maeve and I did spend an entertaining half hour in there one day marveling at the gorgeous clothes.


One of my other favorite shops on Dispensary is Indian Cottage Industries which sells handmade carpets, shawls, and handicrafts. Zahoor is a Muslim Kashmiri who claims to be a better craftsman than businessman. He certainly has a knack for creating an intimate, inviting environment for the items he sells. Everything in his shop is handmade from a collective of craftsman in Kashmir. I purchased a number of scarves from him.


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