About sari me

This is sari me. My good friends at Bapagrama, Jaishree and Sister Ruth, are doing their best to turn me into a nice Indian girl. They help me understand the culture, they love it when I dress up in a salwar kameez and wear my gold earrings, they take me sari shopping.

One day Ruth and Jaishree came to visit and instructed me in the art of wearing a sari and of moving gracefully in it–no easy feat for the likes of me. Since then they often talk of dressing up me like a doll (even though I am a giant next to both of them!).

Today, my new friend, Indrani, told me over lunch that she has purchased green bangles for me large enough to slip over these rough American hands. They all agree that once I put on one of my lovely saris and the bangles, if I would just wear a bindi and get my nose pierced, I will be transformed into a lovely Indian woman.

I can aways hope.


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